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Island Apps is an iOS application development company based out of Brisbane, Australia that has developed a range of powerful business apps and educational apps.

Island Apps make custom iOS applications and we pride ourselves in producing high quality apps that deliver.



Smart Angle is the best app for tradies and engineers to measure pipeline deflection, check pipe bends, calculate compound bends from plans, or measure composite angles on site.

Diggers, Trucks And Tractors

Diggers, Trucks and Tractors is a fun touch and learn educational game for children to learn all the names of machinery and vehicles from diggers, firetrucks and scissor lifts to garbage trucks, loaders and ambulances!

Unit Cost Calculator

Unit Cost Calculator calculates the profit margin on your individual products. Unit Profit is recommended for: - small business owners - families managing meal budgets - business managers - cafes, bars, restaurants - production managers & supervisers

Productivity Calculator

Productivity Calculator compares any two given days productivity. Productivity Calculator is recommended for: - production managers - construction site professionals - small business operators - anyone looking to keep track of their unit cost of production - anyone looking to optimise their work efforts


Tasko is a task management application. Tasko is recommended for: - project managers - small business operators - self-employed sole traders - event planners - expediters - procurers - facilitators - anyone outsourcing multiple deliverables - anyone looking for a highly effective to-do list

Farm Jobs

Farm Jobs (Second Year Australian Visa Harvest Guide to Australian Farming Districts) helps international students plan their farm work experience in Australia and search for regional farm jobs that count for their second year visa. Farm Jobs is recommended for: - 2nd year visa applicants in Australia

Kids Learn to Read English - Play Le

Kids Learn To Read English is designed for children to learn to read the fun way by starting with their ABC's, gradually building confidence by starting with only 4 letters, and then moving on from there. With 2 levels of difficulty, the app prompts so everyone always wins. Turn cards on or off, so you decide how the game is played. Upgrade to start a reading library of your very own custom pictures & images where you can add pictures of family members, favourite foods, cars & anything else!


GetGrade calculates the onsite slope, or field grade, between points out on the ground, or markers in the field. Use a field level or laser level to get 2 staff heights and measure the horizontal distance between the points.


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